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So lately I have been getting the organizing bug... what's new!? I've been wanting to figure out a system with organizing my meal planning so I wouldn't dread the coming of 4 or 5 o'clock every day (not to mention that awful annoying question, "What's for dinner?"). So in the midst of all this frustration of mine, I decided to revamp my recipe binder and include some "meal planning" sheets. And since I'm such a sucker for freebies, I decided to start a monthly give away for all of you to enjoy! I guess I need to feel that my psychotic OCD-ness (totally made up!) will benefit other people than just myself. ;)

Before I get started, I first want to clarify that these Free Printables are ONLY for personal use. Please do not attempt to sell these or claim them as your own. :)

Ok, so here are a few tips that I decided to use for mine. Since I hate printing numerous pages AND the fact that I ALWAYS make mistakes, I decided to make one good copy and laminating it! Now I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this, but I thought it was pretty brilliant. I put them in the harder laminating "pouches" at a local printer (holds up a lot better than the lighter kind). Then I got some wet-erase markers (the Vis-a-Vis kind that our teachers used on those old school projectors ;), that way they don't wipe off as easy as dry erase markers, but DO come off. Then I just 3-hole punched them and placed them in the front of my recipe binder.

Now here are the following pages in the meal planning pack (just a note, the pictures are for reference only, click the link below for the pdf file—it will open up in Google Docs, and though it doesn't look entirely like the picture—it will and should once you download it and/or print it)

The monthly meal planning worksheet is a general monthly overview of what you want to plan for the month. What I mean by "general" is I don't necessarily plan everything that will go with the meal, just the basic idea (i.e. spaghetti, hamburgers, etc). I don't get too detailed until the weekly planning sheet. I usually take a day and just fill in the whole month (I definitely don't always hold "strict" to this plan, but it gives me something to work with). 

The weekly meal planning worksheet is where I get a bit more detailed. Here I like to put the main dish along with sides (i.e. spaghetti with salad and garlic bread). Then below I write down the items that I will need for my grocery list. I like to do 2 weeks at a time, but you do whatever floats your fancy.

This sheet is where I like to write down all my favorite meals and sides so when I go to plan my month, I have something to work with!

Ok, maybe not ALL of you are an even bigger freak like me, but for those of you who are... right on! Jk! Anyway, I am a sucker for freezer meals! What's easier than digging in the freezer for a meal that's already made? Ok, maybe driving down the street to a local fast food joint, but you get my point. So to the explaining part... I can't always keep track of what meals I have and how many. Too many times I was ready to put in a meal from my freezer, only to find that I was out... BUMMER! Now I can keep track of it with this handy little worksheet! I put a slash \ in each box to count one meal (not servings), when I use a meal, I either erase it or add another slash to make it an X. This way I know whether I'm going to dig in the freezer or have a cooking frenzy making more. 

So there you have it! Hope you enjoy! :)


  1. Steph this is completely genius!!!! Thanks for sharing! I'm definitely putting these in my recipe book too!!!

  2. I just printed and laminated your monthly planning sheet. Thank you so much for generously sharing! It turned out so pretty and very useful! I wish though I could find erasable markers that are a littler thiner since the squares are smallish. I'm going to try your "Favourites" meal list next. Thanks again!

  3. where did you find the pretty peach divider tabs?

  4. These are so great, thanks for sharing. They're exactly what I've been looking for to help get family life organised and under control!


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